Storage Management


Storage Infrastructure is more than technology; it must support the business strategy, its processes, the usage of the information and its applications.

With businesses producing more and more data each year and compliance regulations requiring the data to be retained for longer, these combine to put greater demands on the Storage Infrastructure and the Storage Administrators to manage great volumes of data.

RHEIS has many years of experience in Storage Management.  We have designed, implemented and managed Storage Management solutions using a variety of hardware and software based solutions, for a range of small, medium and large enterprises in Australasia.


Storage Management Solutions

Archiving solutions or Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) solutions optimise the location of data with the appropriate storage tier (online, nearline and offline storage).  Email, file and SharePoint archiving implementations are typical solutions to manage growth of critical customer systems.

Data Protection and Recovery solutions are integral to Storage Management, providing a redundant, available and scalable Storage Infrastructure.

Storage Resource Management (SRM) tools are becoming more vital as hard pressed Storage Administrators are trying to manage larger and larger environments.  SRM tools provide analysis of Storage Environments, such as, utilisation reporting, performance analysis and alerting.



 Storage Management Solution Diagram