RHE Infrastructure Services

With a team of certified experts in data and storage management services, RHEIS assists businesses to best manage, protect and use their information assets. RHEIS’s specialisations in data protection, storage management, high availability and support, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our partner’s products, enables our customers to maximise the benefits and outcomes from their infrastructure investments.


RHEIS’s core service offerings are underpinned by our depth of specialisations, width of capabilities and extensive Intellectual Property built over many years of experience.

Our highly certified team applies our enabling best practices, methodologies and tools, along with their own extensive knowledge, to consistently delivery high quality outcomes.

We provide a range of services that enable us to deliver specialist solutions to our customers.

Assessments:Services Cube Diagram

  • Healthchecks
  • Storage Assessment
  • Reviews


  • Best Practice
  • Technology Strategy


  • High Level Designs
  • Details Designs
  • Design QA


  • Install
  • Configure
  • Test


  • Classroom Training
  • BAU Handover


  • BAU Operations
  • Monitoring
  • Break-Fix