RHE Infrastructure Services

With a team of certified experts in data and storage management services, RHEIS assists businesses to best manage, protect and use their information assets. RHEIS’s specialisations in data protection, storage management, high availability and support, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our partner’s products, enables our customers to maximise the benefits and outcomes from their infrastructure investments.

Data Protection Case Study

RHEIS were engaged to design and implement a backup and restore solution for a Government Agency.  The main goals for the project were:

  • The solution was to provide a backup and restore solution covering 2 data centres.
  • The solution would need to be scalable to cope with increasing demand as the server environments were migrated from the old data centres to the new, and to handle future growth.
  • The solution would need to be redundant and fit within the data centre failover requirements.  In the event of the production data centre being unavailable all services would have to continue from the alternate data centre.

The solution was designed and built around CommVault Simpana with a primary CommServe server in the production data centre, and a standby CommServe  configured on a virtual machine in the DR data centre.  Each data centre would initially have a dedicated Media Agent and disk library that would handle the backup/restore traffic from client systems to disk storage.  CommVault’s deduplication feature, enabling single instance storage, would be used to minimise disk storage requirements.  Additional Media Agents and disk libraries could be added to meet future growth requirements.

Long term storage requirements were meet by the implementation of a tape library, with multiple LTO5 tape drives in the alternate data centre.  Production data was replicated to the alternate data centre and copied to tape for long term retention and offsite storage.

After deployment RHEIS was engaged by the Government Agency to provide day to day management of the backup and restore environment, for a period of approximately 9 months while they investigated a longer term solution.

Data Protection Case Study Diagram