High Availability


To ensure application/data is accessible in a timely manner elements of your infrastructure need to have redundancy built in.

What do your staff and customers do when they can’t access your systems?  Orders aren’t processed, emails go unanswered and payroll doesn’t run, basically, your business doesn’t function.  To ensure application data is accessible in a timely manner, elements of your infrastructure need to have redundancy built in.

RHEIS has designed, implemented and managed High Availability (HA) solutions using a variety of hardware and software based solutions, for a wide range of small, medium and large enterprises in Australasia.


High Availability Solutions

High Availability Clusters provide the redundant framework to maintain application availability during planned or unplanned outages.  Depending on what disaster scenarios are being mitigated against, the HA Cluster can provide failover capabilities within the data centre (LAN Cluster), or across city (metropolitan or campus Cluster), or to anywhere in the world (WAN or global Cluster).

Data Protection solutions provide the building blocks for data availability.  Redundant storage configurations maintain data availability in the event of hardware failures.  Backup solutions enable lost or corrupt data to be restored in a timely manner.


High Availability Solutions Diagram