Data Protection


Continued data growth combined with the decreasing backup windows and recovery time requirements present many challenges in the data protection arena.

Our customers are experiencing ongoing data growth with its inherent impact on data protection solutions. This combined with reducing backup and recovery windows, to meet the demands for availabilty and accessibility, are typical business issues.

RHEIS has many years of experience with a range of Data Protection and Recovery products, to overcome these Data Protection challenges.  We have designed, implemented and managed Data Protection solutions using a variety of hardware and software based solutions for a wide range of small, medium and large enterprises in Australasia.


Data Protection Objective:

Backup and Restore solutions provide enterprise wide data protection and recovery capabilities.  Solutions must be designed to meet the Recovery point and Recovery time objectives of the customer and / or specific applications.

Data Protection Objective Diagram


Data Protection Strategy:

One of the major keys to a successful Data Protection strategy is identifying the customer’s requirements and implementing the most appropriate Data Protection technologies.

Data Protection Strategy Diagram