RHE Infrastructure Services

With a team of certified experts in data and storage management services, RHEIS assists businesses to best manage, protect and use their information assets. RHEIS’s specialisations in data protection, storage management, high availability and support, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our partner’s products, enables our customers to maximise the benefits and outcomes from their infrastructure investments.

RHEIS History

RHEIS was founded in 1997, originally as Organisation X, prior to changing name in 2004.

In February 2011, the RHEIS management team undertook a majority buy-out of the company, led by Alan Moore, Jono Green and Mick Scott, positioning RHEIS as a locally managed business.

Codec Software’s (www.codec.co.nz) application software business was merged into RHEIS in July 2011, to provide customers with a wider portfolio of services and increased capacity base.



RHEIS's success is based primarily on the quality, ability, commitment and loyalty of its personnel. The company is meticulous in employing talented, skilful, and personable staff inline with its goal of offering services that are professional and innovative.

In addition, RHEIS collaborate with an extensive pool of associate personnel and partners, to provide an even wider range of specialist skills.